About Axel O

Axel O was born in Iceland where he learned how to play his first instrument, the bass guitar at an early age. Playing Jazz bass with his piano player father, Axel took the first steps toward music. At the age of 16 he moved to Oklahoma with his family. Having spent the first year in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he and his family moved to Houston, Texas, where he lived until his late twenties.

The years in Texas were a big influence on Axel and moulded him for life. Coming from a musical parent, Axel was always drawn to Music, studied classical piano. Rock, Pop and Country were always of most interest, and Axel was drawn to Synthesisers and guitars while playing and singing in various Rock and Pop Bands in Texas. As the years went by, Axel took more liking to Country Music and started to emphasise his music career around Country and Americana Music.

Axel moved back to his native Iceland in the early 90’s and keeps close ties with Texas where his family still lives. Upon return to his native Iceland, Axel started to focus more on his singing. Axel was a member of the Classical Choir of the University of Iceland, and was a student of the internationally renowned Opera Singer Kristjan Johannsson.

Axel O now works in Iceland and internationally both as a performer and a recording artist.