Texas Tour Dates for 2021 confirmed 

Axel O will be will be returning to Texas in October 2021,  starting with an appearance at the 2021 Texas Sounds International Country Music awards, in Jefferson Texas, on October 16th. Texas Sounds will be held for the 8th time with performances from country artists from over 15 nations.   For more information and tickets go to Texas Sounds   

The next performance at the legendary Acoustic Kitchen in Dallas, Texas.  Acoustic Kitchen was originally founded by the late Country singer Charley Pride, but is…

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New single "Sama hvað á dynur" coming to Spotify on February 12, 2021 

Sama hvað á dynur (No matter what happens) as is new single written by Axel O and Haraldur Jóhannsson.  The song addresses the all too common depressions and anxiety that many people suffer from, and the importance of friendship and support.  The singl will be released on all streaming outlets o February 12, 2021,  but can we streamed on this website as well from the Music page.

Award received at the 2020 Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards 

Axel O was to perform at the 2020 Texas Sounds International Country Music awards in Jefferson Texas, but due to Covid that was not possible.  As the majority of the international acts were not able to travel to the event,  the acts not able to attend were able to send in a Virtual performance that we shown to the audience on a big screen at the event.  Axel O was awarded a "Virtutal Performance of the Year 2020" Award for his event.  Thank you Texas Sounds !

Insel im Norden coming on Nov.28 2020 

The new single Insel im Norden, the first single in German from Axel O will be available on Spotify,  Apple Music, Youtube and all the streaming services on Nov.20, 2020. 

Insel im Norden 

I am working on a very exciting project now,  releasing my first song in German.  I have always loved German and always wanted to do a song in German.  Last year I released the song Island in the North, which is a song about my native Iceland,  its nature, the Icelandic horse, fishermen, and our relationship with the sea.   I chose this song as my first song in German.  I got some help for good friends and musicians in making this happen.  Country singer/songwriter Willie Brian Jones,  rock…

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