"The Red Dirt Country song NOT BUILT FOR LOVE could also come from the likes of great US artists such as Aaron Watson, Cody Jinks or The Cadillac Three - The song is a brilliant Nordic-Texan production, which is enhanced by style elements such as pedal steel, drums and powerful Bass."” - CountryHome Magazine Germany, November 6, 2020


A really great single - that's the only way to describe "Here I Wanna Live" by Axel O in a nutshell.” - Saloon Magazin - June 2021

Saloon Das Country Magazine

We are very excited to share this amazing masterpiece “Island in the North” by Icelander singer-songwriter Axel O. He is talented and has one of the richest and most charming country voices we’ve ever heard! His vocal performance in this song is more than professional and his lyrics are original and well written. Axel O is a skilled artist and he has so much talent when it comes to singing and songwriting. The production of this song is beautiful and the melodies are so catchy. We enjoyed listening to this masterpiece until the last second and we hope you love it as much as we do!”

Cheers to the Vikings

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"Island in the North, a beautiful nordic country song about Axel´s home country Iceland that inspires dreams"!” - CountryHome Magazine Germany, December 4, 2020


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