Axel O and Texas country music legend and multi-instrumentalist Milo Deering take on the John Denver classic, Take Me Home Country Roads, in this acoustic bluegrass version. Recorded at Studio Paradis, Reykjavik, Iceland, Acoustic Kitchen, Dallas, Texas, and Rosewood Studios, Tyler, Texas. Axel O - Lead Vocals Milo Deering - Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin & Dobro. Drew Hall - BGV´s Mixing and Mastering - Johann Asmundsson Video - Eventa Films, Iceland


Island in the North, written by Axel O, is a song, about Iceland, its nature,  the bright summer nights, volcanos, and the Icelandic horse.  This was another Iceland-Texas collaboration, featuring Axel O on lead vocals,  Milo Deering on pedal steel, acoustic guitar and banjo,  Sigurgeir Sigmundsson on electric guitar,  Johann Asmundsson on Bass, Magnús Kjartansson on keyboards,  Dan Cassidy on fiddle, Fúsi Óttars on drums, and James Hinds & Chaz Marie on background vocals.

Not Built For Love

Not Built For Love is another Iceland-Texas collaboration, and a  product of the Covid lock down in 2020.  The song was written by Axel O and Haraldur Johannson, featuring Axel O on lead vocals, Milo Deering on acoustic guitar, banjo and pedal steel.  John Carrol on electric guitars, Asi Johannsson on drums,  Johann Asmundsson on bass, Alma Rut on background vocals.

Country Man

Country Man, written by Axel O and Sigurgeir Sigmundsson, was released in 2015 on the album Open Road.  Here performed Live at the Iceland Country Music Festival 2019.