Open Road: CD
  • Open Road: CD
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Open Road was released in 2016 and contained songs that had been in the works for a long period of time, the oldest having been started in 1988. On this Album Axel works with his band Axel O & Co, composed of star players from the Icelandic music scene on every instrument. Johann Asmundsson on bass, Fusi Ottars on drums, Magnus Kjartansson on keyboards and Sigurgeir Sigmunds on guitars, as well as fiddle player Dan Cassidy, Banjo player MIlo Deering, and singers Drew Hall and Lori Lynne. On this album, Axel works in collaboration with songwriters from different countries such as Michael Jenkins (TX), Haraldur Johannson (ICE), Henri Piccini (BEL), and Sigurgeir Sigmundsson (ICE).

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